The Amish Door Market

1108 Winesburg St, US 62
Wilmot, Ohio 44689
OPEN 7am-6pm Monday thru Saturday
The Coffee Shop Kitchen closes at 3pm daily

Weekly Market Specials May 31 thru June 10

Smoked Turkey $5.39lb

Dutch Loaf $4.29lb

Mozzarella Cheese $3.29lb

Jumpin Jack Cheese $3.89lb


With a wide range of gifts, the Amish Door Market is the perfect place to find something special for you to give away...or keep for yourself!



Bulk Foods

Browse through our Bulk Foods and find that candy you remember as a child, spices that you won't find in a grocery store, jars of relish and jellies that will soon be your favorite!




Buy your favorite Meats and Cheeses at the Amish Door Market.  Our deli is stocked with many locally made and distributed products.